Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today morning thida and me we has talking about subcon letter. ( 16 sep 2010)

elvam - hi  thida  good morning  to you.  where is the letter . To natsteel ,letter ref 1337.
   thida - oh that letter, why you asking for about  that letter?
 selvam- the  letter is under  subcontractor  letter's  not  a contract  document
             you know right. so i have to filing.  and put in the summary list also.  
   thida - so what.
selvam - no! I wand  aknowladgement copy of this letter.( for them sign),i saw him on  
             yesterday evening with you during  in the meeting .did you past him  that letter .  
   thida - I sorry I don't undersdant 
selvam - it's ok  I want take back my copy.
   thida - hey where is my copy ??
selvam - no , already I pass to you ,  please check .        
please check my statement
  why she  don't understand  my question
  who made  a mistake  , she or me .

 thanks and regards


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