Saturday, September 25, 2010

Get angry

Pantry aunt  on medical leave today . Really I don't know , when I  enter my room I have know her on leave, because  every morning  she does top up boil water  in to  my water-can .  But today  the bottle  is empty !.  I went  to the pantry  do  clean the coffee cup's and made a  black coffee  for my boss and colleagues .  this is just   helping nature for  the human also  . but  my office admin officer  she took advantage of my activity's  while she  order to  clean the   rubies  bucket of   every room. i am  certainly get angry  to her.

 what i am trying to say at here !
  could you understand ??
 please correct my paragraph   


Monday, September 20, 2010


In a cricket match 1girl made,
Indian flag on her cheeks,
I am as a “smart boy” i did , Kissed her cheeks & said.
‘I love my India’

 sentence  form  it's right  or not ?

How to get visa to go Canada ?.

kamurul islam  he  is my one of  friend .
this morning  he was  asking  me how to get visa to  go Canada.   

I did try to found out  the  necessary requirement  particulars and application form  from the Internet .
Then  I mad  few  number of  duplicate copies to pass  to him.

Please check my  dialog  thanks

Friday, September 17, 2010

Requesting to Improve My Skill

Selvam- Hi fira  good morning , hey fira I need your  your help , are you free  right now?
      fira- oh ya  ,it's my pleasure , whats your propleam tel me now
selvam- ' well' we  hold  a many kind of meeting minutes  files, thoes files  
             we weren't   updated been  july.
      fira- so what,  this job   it's not mein. Supoose to you and sharm  should  to do.
selvam- ya  I am agree  with you fira. But I have't  pass to you do this jop.
            And  I am asking  for your  idea. Because   you got many experience in the 
             MS excel sheet Am I right .
     fira- ya I thing so  . Pepole was teling me  also muthu.
           Now what you want  to you know  from in the excel sheet ?
selvam- thank you fria , I have a incoming  letter's  summary . In this summary I have to
            make it filter To meeting  minutes  letters only . It's  posible to make in to the
            excel sheet.
    fira- ya   we make it  filter  in the work sheet. Ok.  Which excel version till  are you
           using 2003 or 2007 and 2010. thoes  version   has been  got few changes only .
           But you need not worry about the changes. Ok.
selvam- my opareating system   haven't yet to updated . Still  iam using 2003 format only.
            if you don't mind  can you come to desk tech me phase form 2003 format
     fira- it's ok shall we.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today morning thida and me we has talking about subcon letter. ( 16 sep 2010)

elvam - hi  thida  good morning  to you.  where is the letter . To natsteel ,letter ref 1337.
   thida - oh that letter, why you asking for about  that letter?
 selvam- the  letter is under  subcontractor  letter's  not  a contract  document
             you know right. so i have to filing.  and put in the summary list also.  
   thida - so what.
selvam - no! I wand  aknowladgement copy of this letter.( for them sign),i saw him on  
             yesterday evening with you during  in the meeting .did you past him  that letter .  
   thida - I sorry I don't undersdant 
selvam - it's ok  I want take back my copy.
   thida - hey where is my copy ??
selvam - no , already I pass to you ,  please check .        
please check my statement
  why she  don't understand  my question
  who made  a mistake  , she or me .

 thanks and regards


Today 15-sep'10

 Mr. Bala came to my room   and  he  was asking  for small favour.(  via  Tamil conversation )

 Selvam-  Hi  brother how  are you  ?
     Bala-  ya  selvam  i am fine ,  how is going on your life ?
       Sel- ya   it's going very well. brother.
      Bal-  muthu i need your help , i was found my store room one of  hp portable printer.
              it's look like a  good condition  , but when  i used to  printing ,
              the system  has displayed message  you   have  must  install  software!,
             but i  don't  have  the software , suppose what should i do ?
      Sel- what is the  printer serial number?.it's possible i have  try  to download
              form the Internet. at now.
      Bal-  it's my pleasure muthu, the number is  4355.
      Sel-  fortunately  you should   remember . let's try to  download from hp website.
               i has successfully download from the   Internet. and   born CD  also .
      Bal-  thank you selvam. shall we go to coffee shop?
      Sel- oh ya  .  wow exactly  right now 3.o clock   it's our coffee time also .

                  please   re-correct my  dialogs

 thank you


Monday, September 13, 2010

Last week english practice ( general discussion 09 Sep'10 )

 please  find the attachment link .

 please give some comment after read
 which one   is correct ? .


In the past week incident

It was happened  on the last weekend incident, one of the sweet evening time,we was gathering for our company annual safety committee award function .an big boat house. The party was started . admin assistant Miss .Sanai san,she is very innocent and kind person also. while sanai san announced to my company staff, please every one let's start to first,we have food and during time are we go a head. that fest is multi nation country verity foods ."my life time I didn't see".every one are having a plate and they try do choose some verity food and soft drink also, some of ladies and man's they was drink some hot drinks including beer and some of red wine. sell them I never drink those beer and wine.... etc. but my colleague push to in other colleague do drink some red wine, then he just took some of wine some hour later he totally stubborn in the party. while the party he shouted and dancing also.the party was totally his made annoyed.the party after tomorrow my colleagues all feedback by mail. he totally worried and upsetting him self. he decided to all of the mail just forward to our big boss to him self. thank god my big boss supported to him and he did replayed to everyone.

probably we had knows about him past 7 years. he is a good man very faithful staff also . everyone did a the mistake while which one to started the first time they had been falling mistake. but he didn't mate big mistake, please all our staff just leave it begin this movement .thanks and do not make mourning of any one.

then has he been changed in normal life. on of evening went boos room he said to thanks, but boss was waiting him arrival to open for RED WINE BOTTLE. -)
 HI Friends pls  give  some comments  after read