Monday, September 13, 2010

In the past week incident

It was happened  on the last weekend incident, one of the sweet evening time,we was gathering for our company annual safety committee award function .an big boat house. The party was started . admin assistant Miss .Sanai san,she is very innocent and kind person also. while sanai san announced to my company staff, please every one let's start to first,we have food and during time are we go a head. that fest is multi nation country verity foods ."my life time I didn't see".every one are having a plate and they try do choose some verity food and soft drink also, some of ladies and man's they was drink some hot drinks including beer and some of red wine. sell them I never drink those beer and wine.... etc. but my colleague push to in other colleague do drink some red wine, then he just took some of wine some hour later he totally stubborn in the party. while the party he shouted and dancing also.the party was totally his made annoyed.the party after tomorrow my colleagues all feedback by mail. he totally worried and upsetting him self. he decided to all of the mail just forward to our big boss to him self. thank god my big boss supported to him and he did replayed to everyone.

probably we had knows about him past 7 years. he is a good man very faithful staff also . everyone did a the mistake while which one to started the first time they had been falling mistake. but he didn't mate big mistake, please all our staff just leave it begin this movement .thanks and do not make mourning of any one.

then has he been changed in normal life. on of evening went boos room he said to thanks, but boss was waiting him arrival to open for RED WINE BOTTLE. -)
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