Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today 15-sep'10

 Mr. Bala came to my room   and  he  was asking  for small favour.(  via  Tamil conversation )

 Selvam-  Hi  brother how  are you  ?
     Bala-  ya  selvam  i am fine ,  how is going on your life ?
       Sel- ya   it's going very well. brother.
      Bal-  muthu i need your help , i was found my store room one of  hp portable printer.
              it's look like a  good condition  , but when  i used to  printing ,
              the system  has displayed message  you   have  must  install  software!,
             but i  don't  have  the software , suppose what should i do ?
      Sel- what is the  printer serial number?.it's possible i have  try  to download
              form the Internet. at now.
      Bal-  it's my pleasure muthu, the number is  4355.
      Sel-  fortunately  you should   remember . let's try to  download from hp website.
               i has successfully download from the   Internet. and   born CD  also .
      Bal-  thank you selvam. shall we go to coffee shop?
      Sel- oh ya  .  wow exactly  right now 3.o clock   it's our coffee time also .

                  please   re-correct my  dialogs

 thank you


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