Friday, September 17, 2010

Requesting to Improve My Skill

Selvam- Hi fira  good morning , hey fira I need your  your help , are you free  right now?
      fira- oh ya  ,it's my pleasure , whats your propleam tel me now
selvam- ' well' we  hold  a many kind of meeting minutes  files, thoes files  
             we weren't   updated been  july.
      fira- so what,  this job   it's not mein. Supoose to you and sharm  should  to do.
selvam- ya  I am agree  with you fira. But I have't  pass to you do this jop.
            And  I am asking  for your  idea. Because   you got many experience in the 
             MS excel sheet Am I right .
     fira- ya I thing so  . Pepole was teling me  also muthu.
           Now what you want  to you know  from in the excel sheet ?
selvam- thank you fria , I have a incoming  letter's  summary . In this summary I have to
            make it filter To meeting  minutes  letters only . It's  posible to make in to the
            excel sheet.
    fira- ya   we make it  filter  in the work sheet. Ok.  Which excel version till  are you
           using 2003 or 2007 and 2010. thoes  version   has been  got few changes only .
           But you need not worry about the changes. Ok.
selvam- my opareating system   haven't yet to updated . Still  iam using 2003 format only.
            if you don't mind  can you come to desk tech me phase form 2003 format
     fira- it's ok shall we.

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