Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grammar: Reported Speech in English

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Test your understanding of this English lesson

Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz.
John:  "I love chocolate cake." John told me _____ chocolate cake.
  • he love
  • he loves
  • he loved
Mary:  "I lived in New York for five years. " Mary mentioned that _____ in New York for five years.
  • she lives
  • she has been living
  • she had lived
Susan:  "I'm in love with Brad Pitt." Susan confessed _____ in love with Brad Pitt.
  • she was
  • she is
  • she being
Albert: "I ate a cheese sandwich for lunch." Albert told me _____ a cheese sandwich for lunch.
  • he has eaten
  • he ate
  • he had eaten
Angela:  "I can't come to the party tonight." Angela explained _____ to the party tonight.
  • she can't come
  • she couldn't come
  • she couldn't came
Elizabeth: "Those flowers look beautiful." Elizabeth commented on the fact that _____ beautiful.
  • those flowers looked
  • those flowers had looked
  • those flowers look
Rachel: "Michael and I are getting married next summer." Rachel announced that _____ next summer.
  • she and Michael are getting married
  • she and Michael were getting married
  • she and Michael are married
David: "You're right." David finally admitted _____.
  • I am right
  • I would be right
  • I was right
Sunil: "I'm not going to accept their offer." Sunil confided that _____ their offer.
  • he isn't going to accept
  • he's not going to accept
  • he wasn't going to accept
Charles: "I'm very hungry." Charles complained that _____.
  • he was very hungry
  • he very hungry
  • he is very hungry

 for taking this English quiz!  My score: 60.00  i got 6 correct out of 10.'

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