Monday, November 15, 2010

which one is better


all praises to Allah.and thanks for Allah gave me a good life and health.i don't know what i am try to write at here. but i would say i make this blog to be improve my English.i have read 70 ways to improve.if we want to improve our English, we should create a one blog, while we can write something.
my English is very weak that's why i am create it's all my effort. i hope blog reader's some one out there will be read this blog,and they comment or correct it...thanks so much....

2)My friend-

Alhamdulillah...all praises to Allah n thank Allah for give me a good life n good health... i don't know what i want to write but i want to say...i make this blog is to improve my English...i was read 70 ways to improve your English-Article that if we want to improve English we should try to make a we can write English is so weak that's why i make it as my if someone or somebody read this blog, they can comment or maybe can correct it...thanks so much

                                                                      JusT  FuN

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