Tuesday, November 16, 2010

which one is better 2

My Friend has post it 
I love my family so much....they r like a pearl at the ocean...If i say bout my daughters... i can say they r always make me smile but sometimes make me angry....i know they r not purposely to make me angry but sometimes they did it....dont be sad my daughters coz mama just say it but not keep it in my heart...i accepted it k....we r so close....I can't imagine when they r far from me especially when they go to study.. ..but i don't care coz they should do that....n i hope they would achieve with flying colours in their life...Ameen..may Allah guide them to achieve it... i also pray for their life at this world n hereafter....Ameen......

My correction ( half way)
I much  love my  family    bacause they are all like" ocean pearl". I would like   to say about my daughters   thay are   have made copule think always make me  smile  sometime  make  me angry, they  didn't  made purposely  while my mama has said don’t be sad   you may  not keep it  your heart so   i had been  accept it all. we  were  now very closed .


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